Using Pivotal’s products, chip manufacturers can dramatically increase yield and tool productivity by monitoring in real-time and controlling some of the most critical parameters of wafer processing today: Gas Flow and Chamber Condition.
Gas Flow Controller (GFC)
Pivotal’s Gas Flow Controller (GFC) is a breakthrough gas flow control system that offers the best-in-class performance across a number of critical flow parameters (accuracy, range, settling time, etc.). The GFC footprint and communication signals are similar to existing MFCs and flow controllers, making it easy to “plug and play” into most tool systems and gas panels.
Gas Flow Monitor (GFM)
Pivotal’s Gas Flow Monitor (GFM) system can be installed onto new or existing gas sticks to provide independent high-accuracy real-time gas flow measurements. The system comprises optional wetted part replacements within the gas box as well as a control and data collection system that sits outside the gas box.
Sensor X
Pivotal’s Sensor X system can install onto any vacuum port in gaseous communication with the chamber and allow for real-time atomic species identification. The system includes the Sensor X remote plasma cavity, an RF generator, a spectrometer and Pivotal’s application and data collection system.
Pivotal’s products are available both as retrofits to existing tools and increasingly available through leading OEMs as “designed-in” options on new tool platforms. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or check this site regularly for product updates.